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Bureau UK are recruiting for an FTTP Planner to work for a fibre engineering company in the South West of England on a major fibre project.

The role will involve the following duties:

  • Working with survey team to ascertain layout of villages to be built (to FTTp).
  • Analysing survey data / report and using that data to plan FTTp (DPs / drops / core & distribution fibre routes / cabinet location & planning) in rural or urban environments.
  • Producing FTTp build plan to include various options to cross any special engineering difficulties where standard underground or overhead solutions may not be feasible.
  • Drawing up draft “cost to build” estimates for project builds (villages / urban areas).
  • Producing BOMs from build estimates to allow procurement of materials.
  • Attend site visits to confirm accuracy of survey information / and alternative options.
  • Project Management of survey teams / operatives.

This role is to be based in the South West of England and comes with a competitive salary of £35,000 per annum +

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