Equinor has announced the first phase of its H2H Saltend project, which will be located at Saltend Chemicals Park near Hull.

The initial phase will feature a 600MW auto-thermal reformer (ATER) that will use CCUS technology to convert natural gas into “blue hydrogen”. According to Equinor, this would be the largest plant of its kind in the world.

The plan will enable industrial sector organisations located in the park to switch to hydrogen to reduce emissions. A power plant located in the chemicals park will also move to a 30% hydrogen to natural gas blend of source power. Emissions from the park are expected to be reduced by around 90,000 tonnes of CO2 annually.

“The world continues to need more energy at lower emissions so we can achieve the ambitions of the Paris Agreement. This necessitates a substantial decarbonisation of industry, in which we believe carbon capture & storage and hydrogen can and must play a significant role,” Equinor’s executive vice president for marketing, midstream and processing Irene Rummelhoff said.

“With private and public investment and supportive UK policy, the H2H Saltend project will demonstrate the potential of these technologies. Together we can make the Humber and the UK a world-leading example that others can learn from.”

Equinor is aiming to deliver a final investment decision on the plant in 2023, with production set to commence in 2026.

Source: edie.net